Runway is My Choice Of Drug📍-

Modeling Started As A Goal

Mid October 2002  --

My mother and I were crossing the street when we were struck by a car running the red light. As my mom and I flew high through the air, the car never stopped and we landed on our book bags, bags with "cushion" enough to prevent us from being killed. At that time we lived in DC Village Shelter and as such, we carried large book bags with nearly all our valuables, clothes and books; it was those very overloaded bookbags that broke our falls and saved our lives. 

As a result of the hit and run, I had one severely fractured leg and several broken bones in the other. However, bad I was hurt, I was extremely grateful that it wasn't worse as my mom had pushed me mostly out of the way and took more of the full-on impact; she had worse injuries than I did.  Once we arrived at the hospital, the doctor explained how it would be very hard for my leg to heal properly, making it difficult for me to walk in the future without any support or help.  But after wearing a cast, having rods placed in various parts of my legs, months of therapy, hard work and perseverance,I was able to walk again, albeit, just a bit differently.

Being back to "normal" was quiet a blessing but I was also blessed with some much more powerful from the accident -- a "Walk" that's so unique and different it can't be imitated, a "Walk" that is magic and out of this world.  But in those days just after my recovery, I was blinded to the magic because I was ashamed of the difference in my walk. 

When I was first introduced to modeling, I was so excited because I thought I had finally found something that seemed just right for me.  Unfortunately, during my first modeling experience in 5th grade, I was booed off the stage and as I ran off, I vowed to never model again.  Later I enrolled in basketball and track, trying to fill emptiness in me from my loss of modeling, but nothing made me happy.

After more soul searching, I was determined to make modeling my number one goal, once again doing what I love most.  I was determined to do what I loved and appreciate the "magic" gift I was blessed with, the magic to bless stages all across the world with my "walk" and presence. Once the next modeling opportunity presented itself again in 7th grade, I ran with it and never looked back.